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Red Rose Tea

Rich in heritage, Red Rose specializes in black tea. Varieties include Black (Orange Pekoe & Pekoe Cut Black), Black Decaf, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Breakfast Decaf, Irish Breakfast, Loose tea, and the newest edition, Specialty Selections Sunset Spice. All varieties come together in a line of fine tea that has something for everyone.

Red Rose carefully selects the best grades of tea from the finest estates the world ... The superior blend of Red Rose is a favorite among tea drinkers because of its expert blending from fine tea estates in Kenya, Ceylon, India, and Indonesia. Strict guidelines are followed to ensure the homogenization, consistency, visual appeal and flavor of each blend. 

Red Rose Tea comes from choice regions all around the world. The Kenya Arroket tea estate is situated at 6000 feet altitude, west of the Great Rift Valley and close to the equator in the Highlands of Kenya.  Climate characteristics of this region are important contributing factors to the production of a rich, full bodied aroma and flavor, which is much sought-after both privately, and at auction.  Red Rose also uses teas from Sri Lanka that are grown between 2000 and 3500 feet.  Cold winds in the evenings and clear days enhance the quality of the tea bushes making the flavor full bodied, rich, and mellow with a rosy red appearance. Tea from South India smoothes out the highs and lows for other teas which makes it useful in blending.  Red Rose sources this tea from medium elevations. Indonesian tea lends bright and flowery characteristics and light color to the Red Rose blend.  Top notes of the completeflavor symphony come from tea sourced in the higher elevations of Indonesia making the Red Rose tea blend complex and developed. 

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Salada Tea

Salada: Over 15 varieties of green, white, and black teas. Salada has just successfully rolled out four new green tea products to add to the flavorful range of Green Tea. Salada Pomegranate Berry, Salada Strawberry with a hint of Lemongrass, and Salada large count Green Tea with Lemon and Green Tea with Mint are now available in select stores throughout the USA.

With the introduction of Salada’s new flavors, consumers now have even more options for making freshly brewed tea instead of buying bottled teas. In September 2008, Salada introduced an educational campaign called “Unbottle Your Tea,� to promote the consumption of freshly brewed tea as a healthier, less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative to bottled teas. Consumers that switch from bottled tea to freshly brewed tea made with tea bags will take in less added sugar, help decrease pollution and greenhouse gases, and save money.

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Teekanne Tea

Redco Foods is owned by Teekanne GmbH of Dusseldorf, Germany. 'Teekanne", which, in German means "Tea Pot", is the premiere brand of specialty herbal and fruit teas in Europe. Inventors of the flow-through tea bag, the majority of tea bags sold in the United States over the last thirty years have been manufactured using Teekanne equipment. Teekanne began a national introduction of a line of Herbal Wellness teas endorsed by tennis legend Stefi Graf in 2008.



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Junket Desserts

These Danish dessert, custard, fudge and ice cream mixes have been in production at the Hansen Island plant for over 100 years. This nostalgic brand is a favorite among specialty shoppers everywhere! For more information,visit


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