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In 1878, Christian Hansen of Denmark opened up operations in the United States making rennet extract for the cheese industry.  Herkimer County, NY was chosen as the headquarters, since that was the center of the US cheese industry at that time. 
At first, rennet was imported from Denmark, but in 1891 a factory was constructed in Little Falls, New York where Junket is still produced today - more than a century later.  The Junket brand was first introduced in 1886 and Rennet tablets were the first product to be sold under the Junket brand name.  Junket actually means "milk with rennet" and this is the inspiriation for the brand name.  The tablets were designed for household use of making cheese and other dairy products. 
In 1911, Chris Hansen began marketing a powder under the brand name 'Nesnah,' which is Hansen spelled backwards. It was sweetened and flavored for making custards and drinks and not much different from today's Junket Rennet Custard.  In 1915, the brand name of this product was changed to Junket. 
After WWI new products were added to the range.  In 1934 Junket Freezing mix for making ice cream was introduced.  This later became known as Junket Ice Cream mix and filled the need for ice cream that could be made quickly and easily at home.  In 1938, Junket "Quick Fudge and
Frosting Mix" was launched.  It was later renamed "Minute Fudge" and today is known as Hansen Island Fudge.  In 1939, the Junket Danish Dessert line was introduced.  This product was based on the famous Scandinavian "Rodgrod" or "Red Pudding."  In 1948, Sherbet mix was introduced to compliment the Ice Cream Mix   It was successful for some time, but is no longer produced and marketed.  More than 100 years after first being introduced, Junket is still making great tasting, traditional, and nutritious desserts. 

Junket Today :
Junket is trusted today as the same reliable product proven for over a century. This authentic, homemade dessert is symbolic of childhood memories and well known for ití»s nutritional great taste. The Junket Folks especially recommend rennet custards and tablets to those who have trouble with appetite or digestion.

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