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The Salada Tea Company was founded by Peter C. Larkin at the beginning of the twentieth century. His innovative packages assured consistent, high quality products with the introduction of handy foil packages. Prior to this packaging innovation, tea was sold out of chests in loose form and tea drinkers could not be sure of freshness or quality. A Salada brochure of the 1920's read: "There are mixed into every blend of Salada Tea, teas from as many as 30 different gardens. In this way a blend is produced that is always consistent in flavor. Larkin's recognition of the need for prepackaged tea set the packaging trend for the entire tea industry and Salada's tea business quickly expanded in the Northeast United States and in Canada.

The popularity of Salada Teas in the U. S. led to the establishment of U. S. Headquarters and a blending and packaging plant in Boston, Massachusetts in 1917. Larkin constructed his new headquarters in the Back Bay area of Boston and commissioned the magnificent bronze doors that mark the entrance to the Salada Tea Building. The doors depict the early history of the tea trade as well as Larkin's commitment to quality. Over 12 feet tall and weighing more than two tons, the doors still stand proudly at 330 Stuart Street in Boston.

Salada first introduced its tea in tea bags in the 1930's to provide an easy way to brew a single cup of tea. Originally, the bags were made of fabric similar to gauze and were sewn closed. For convenient removal of the teabag, one end of a string was attached to the bag and the other to a paper tag, which remained outside the cup and could be grasped easily to avoid the hot steeping tea. To add an additional twist, Salada subsequently printed a few words of wit or wisdom on each tea tag beginning in the early 1960's. These tidbits were intended to provoke a smile or a thought while the tea drinker paused with a cup of Salada tea. Through the years, Salada tag lines have become a memorable part of Salada Tea, and tea drinkers still appreciate this feature today.

Salada has been marketing both black and green (and now white) tea in the United States for more than 100 years. Salada's considerable experience and expertise in green tea has made Salada a leader in the green tea marketplace.

Salada Today
Salada is well known for its great tasting beverages that are part of a healthy lifestyle. Green, White, and Black teas continue to set the bar for innovative flavors that strengthen Salada’s integrity as a reliable tea company with 100+ years of experience.
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